#METC13 Takeaways Part 1…

I had the opportunity to once again attend the Midwest Educational Tech. Conference .  I learned many new things in the one day I attended.  Here are some of the resources I want to pass on to you!

Keynote: Lucy Grey

She shared many ideas on how the world is embracing new technologies and how that is also important in education.  Part of her presentation was on the design of learning spaces can have a direct impact on the learner and the learning.  She gave many ideas on how to be more globally minded and places to look for improving as an educator and being more informed.  Here resources for all her presentations can be found here: www.lucygray.org

1st Session: Shelly Terrell

Shelly Terrell gave great ideas on writing and how to help students expand their writing and become better writers.  A lot of the ideas were centered around technology and how to integrate tools and websites into the classroom.  I found some great takeaways from this session.  Here are my top few:

  1. Have students create an ABC story using a voice recorder.  Students would start the recorder on an iPad or other mobile device.  The first student starts with “A” adding the first part of the story.  He/She passes to the next student who continues the story with “B” and so on until the story is complete–“A to Z”.
  2. Word Cloud stories.  The teacher would use Wordle (or another word cloud generator) to create a story word cloud.  This could come from a newspaper article, story, or their own work.  The students only see the word cloud.  They have to write a story to fill in the blanks.
  3. 100 word stories.  Students create stories that are only 100 words long
I really think that I will have no trouble incorporating these ideas and many of the other ideas I found from this session.  More ideas can be found here: Slideshare and Notes (Copy to your own document to make any changes)
2nd Session: Bill Bass
There were two things I took away from this session.
  1. Students creating can unlock so much learning
  2. Mozilla Popcorn  website  I can’t wait to try more on this site!  It is an awesome way to present information.
More information on this presentation can be found here!